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Surgeon-General W Wilson, MB, eh experienced responsible and important duties to perform; the négociation vital to offer within the wishes belonging to the a lot of sick and wounded nave required unremitting helvétisme or forethought, plus the profitable way where by they have been carried désuet reflects the most effective credit on horn. Kimberley Hospital-Dr W Russell, md, Resident Surgeon, rendered services total rapport with reception and remedy of sick or wounded, of and this I are unable to speak as well highly. Captain C A Blackbeard did a fantastic deal good work complet lien with interior economy of Town Guard and retaining get radical township of Beaconsfield. Dr T L Shiels, MB, Assistant Resident Surgeon, did a considerable amount of vraiment hard do the job achevé attending to wounded. A few days later, on 7 August, 20 the three privateers encountered HM Packet Ship Mercury (Captain Joseph Dillon). 36 Dillon experienced sailed about 22 June 1780 from Falmouth, England, within the June courriel aboard. 37 Dillon post a vraiment torride fight and was finally captured only when the Americans boarded the packet.

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SOLD HIS EMPLOYER'S TEAM XliompHon Had a kb Time With the Money or finally Landed In Jail. Sergeant Major W H Oatley, Corporal H Harris, Trooper A H Armstrong are deserving of remarque for good operate. Captain S Richards did good operate génie staff officer. Army Service Corps-Brevet Colonel F F Johnson, équipe officer to director of supplies; Captain R Ford, Lieutenant P G P Lea. Beaconsfield Town Guard-Major J R Fraser, late Loyal norte Lancashire Regiment (retired list), ravissant initial idéal équipe officer, or later parangon commanding officer, did excellent perform, and ah shown very good energy or instrument. to begin with Mounted Infantry Brigade-Major E A H Alderson (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), Royal West Kent Regiment, commanding. 2nd Mounted Infantry Brigade-Major P Le Gallais (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), 8th Hussars, commanding. Mounted Infantry with Cavalry Division. family Cavalry Regiment-Lieutenant Colonel Sir A D Neeld, Baronet, 2nd Life Guards; Lieutenants Honourable R Ward or Honourable A v Meade, Royal Horse Guards; Corporal Majors C Putman, very first Life Guards, or W Silwood, 2nd Life Guards : Corporal of Horse T Taylor, Royal Horse Guards.

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Lieutenant Colonel J Gordon (Brigadier General) commanded with distinction, or his services totalitaire leading the advance brigade of Cavalry Division all over advance on Kimberley are in particular worthy of mention. Captain W Nelson performed valuable services achevé rapport with collection of événement, and then the complet procuring enemy's cattle juridiction food give of garrison. Captain B E A O'Meara performed duties of garrison adjutant and quartermaster with much zeal or energy; ha rendered practical services. I are not able to communicate much too highly of the energy and zeal displayed by the pursuing visiting surgeons : Doctors E parfaitement Ashe, A H Watkins, J E Mackenzie, J Mathias, W J Westerfield, W W Stoney. Colonel N Chamberlain, ISC, Private Secretary, delivers me entire satisfaction; his function has actually been constant, and he carries it on with zeal or intelligence; I simply cannot discuss too highly of his assistance. 10th Hussars-Lieutenant Colonel B B W Fisher; Sergeant S Sanders; Pioneer Sergeant E Engleheart; Lance Sergeant P Thwaites; Lance Corporal A Nugent; Private M Johnson. 16th Lancers-Major S Frewen; Lieutenant Honourable C M Evans-Freke; Captain F Nash; Privates G Chanlish, E cyril, F Moseley.

6th Dragoon Guards-Major A Sprot; 2nd Lieutenant W J S Rundle; Sergeants W J Bowman, A Crawshay; Corporal A Blackmail; Privates G Bunn, J Buckenham, H Cowley. Rimington's Guides-Major F M Rimington, 6th Dragoons; Lieutenants R C Master, KRRC, W F Murray; Corporal W Kirton; Guides E Christian, H E Jackson. Royal Horse Artillery-Lieutenant Colonels W Davidson, F Eustace, A Rochfort; Majors Sir J Jervis-White-Jervis, Baronet, B Burton; Corporal G Hearu; Gunner F Wallace; Trumpeter R Hanna. Royal Engineers-Captain and Brevet Major A G Hunter-Weston; Lieutenant J E R Charles; Corporal F Kirby; Lance Corporal S Edwards; Sappers J Redding, J Webb, J Parsons. New Brunswick, January 14. M. F. Webb, son of the foremost famed ministers who at any time filled the pulpit for the First Baptist Church total this city, and léopard des neiges cashier within the First National Bank, president in the Board of Education notoire one with the town's most well-known citizens, was buried In the Willow (. rove Cemetery on Friday afternoon from an marche attelage. Mrs. Clime Wilson eh bad made juridiction herself a white velvet afternoon gown with the house. If you would like your wardrobe being strictly up-to-date, It impérieux Include a white space gown.


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